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Forum Rules and User Etiquette Expectations

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Apr 3, 2022
Welcome to Void
The ultimate community for everyone.

To maintain a healthy environment, and a warm and welcoming community for everyone, the following rules are in effect. These rules are subject to change at any time, and users are expected to know and abide by them at all times. Ignorance is not an acceptable defence, and breaking any of these will lead to account closures, permanent IP bans, or (in extreme abuse cases) users being reported to the appropriate authorities.
  1. Use of this site, assumes that you are 18 years old.​
  2. All discussions and replies MUST be posted in English, and use appropriate grammar and punctuation. Spamming gibberish is an instant bannable offence.​
  3. No Reputation / Like / Reaction farming. Basically, do not repost content multiple times to raise your score.​
  4. No spamming (begging, "anything new", "Thank you!" or posting wildly off topic). Tangential discussion is okay but keep replies on topic.
  5. Attempting to bypass the spam filter, word censors or bans, will lead to an immediate IP Ban.
  6. No advertising any sites similar to Void This includes competing Forums, Discord servers, Telegram channels and other unapproved sites that are, in any way, shape or form, similar to Void. This rule also applies to any links put in the title, description and similar. If a link is shared with excessive (use your judgement here) ads, it will be rejected.
  7. Only approved file hosts are allowed. See list below for approved file hosts. Other hosts that do not have excessive ads / slow speeds may be allowed, and subsequently added to the approved list. File hosts that REQUIRE paid plans to download are forbidden.

The following non exhaustive list, are offences that will lead to an immediate IP ban, and (depending on the offence, being reported to the appropriate authorities)

  1. Posting any content, depicting minors, in any form. NO content under 18 is allowed on the Void. Regardless of whats legal in your jurisdiction, Void only allows 18+ content.
  2. Doxxing other users on anyone in general
  3. Bestiality
  4. Extreme content (rape etc.)
  5. Virus or malware linking
  6. Adf.ly links and links to other "pay for click" kind of websites.
  7. Sexist content
  8. Advertising (except the "Self Promotion" section)
  9. Any kind of Discrimination
  10. Personal threats
  11. Terrorism

The simple outlook on Void is, don't be stupid, don't be an asshole.

Approved File Hosts

TIER 1 Lists (S Tier)
  1. Mega.nz - Possibly the best out there, offers 15 GB of encrypted file storage.

Tier 2

Google Drive





Tier 3

CyberDrop - Good but frequent timeouts.

Bunkr - Unreliable

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