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    What is Leecher Status?
    Leecher status shows your forum activity. If most of your activity is in "Leak Sections" you will have a negative status. Once your status reaches a certain number, you will be identified as a "LEECHER" this can be removed by posting in other sections and contributing to the community.
    Why Do Use "Hidden Content" ?
    Our members are giving away content for you for free. We ask that you appreciate their efforts by replying to their posts or spending bits which you can earn. Users can Upgrade their account to unlock all hidden content automatically. This helps keep this forum running and helps us develope the forum.
    How do I "Hide" my Content?
    Use [hide][/hide]
    How Do I "Level Up"?
    The fastest way to increase your level is to make threads in the Leak sections (CSGO Releases, Configs and Nudes), when other users reply or unlock your thread, you will receive additional points. Posting will also give you exp.
    How Do I Earn Custom Ranks (Contributor, Epic and Unreal)?
    Our current requirements for these ranks are "25 Likes, 20 Threads in Leak Sections for Contributor, 50 Likes, 35 Threads for Epic and 100 Likes and 45 Threads for Unreal"
    How Do I Earn Awards?
    We currently have awards that can be unlocked in the forum. These are being worked on so that awards will be automatead in the future
    How Do I Earn Bits?
    Bits are currently earned by posting replies and threads. You can currently only use bits to unlock content. But there may be more uses for it in the future