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    maxthedragon's Activity
    Replied to thread RE: ONETAP SUPERIOR CFG *BEST AA On OT* + TAPS Gamesense And Fatality
    Bro, I love your fucking configs, I always hit P with them...Read More
    22 hours ago
    Replied to thread RE: [ONETAP] VEKTUS'S NEWEST (TAPS EVERYTHING) - 8/13
    thanks for this shit b...Read More
    3 days ago
    Replied to thread RE: [ONECRACK.SU] BEST CONFIG HIT PP!!!
    Thanks man!!! Grateful...Read More
    4 days ago
    Replied to thread RE: [ONETAP.SU] dump config
    aight thanks man!...Read More
    4 days ago
    Replied to thread RE: [ONETAP] Appolo's P hittin RAGE CFG (NEWEST 8/9)
    Link doesn't work...Read More
    4 days ago
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