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    Release V5
    by Matios210 posted Apr 7, 2019 23K views
    V5 Changelog:
    -Fixed every crash
    -Added delay shot
    -Added multi point
    -Added better backtrack ticks
    -Added welcome message
    -Added meme desync
    -Smart baim always on
    -Added better fake walk

    All credits goes to Votrix
    I'm just reposting this
    Its okay cheat with his own cfg
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    [Image: V64L.png]
    People kept abusively adding me on discord and I got sick from it so I removed it.
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    looks legit thanks for sharing
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    looks legit thanks for sharing

    looks legit tha
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    wuut nice release bruv
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    i hope this is a legit version and not just a trash paste
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    thx bro!!!!
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    thank you so much bro
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    nice ty bro  PepegaPepega
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    thank you for sharing
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