stickrpghook/antario final UPDATE/FIX by Shonax
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    Official Release stickrpghook/antario final UPDATE/FIX by Shonax
    by root posted Mar 1, 2019 45.8K views

    All credits go to Shonax !

    inject bass.dll, then cheat dll

    log here:
    -fix fps
    -fixed chams probably
    -fix fakeduck
    -fix some crash
    -fix server list not showing
    28.02 -
    -fix grenade throwed
    -fix buybot
    -chams fullfix
    -pulse chams add
    -fix pov arrows
    - +3 type chams
    -return legitbacktrack
    -fix legitbacktrack crash
    -add triggerbot
    -add damage group
    -new keybind system
    -kill/killstreak counter, killstreak log(for future good update)
    -fix  fakelag while you trashtolk in voice
    -fixed ragdol(class was wrong and not updated)
    -fixed skinchanger(now it draw without bug)
    -custom ui

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    great   PepeOK
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    Thanks for the release man Kermit
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    lets see if shonax unbroke this
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    hitting p best cheat
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    damn, thats cool
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    nice best co
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    thanks, will definitely try
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    thank you alot.
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    ohhhh yeah boi
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