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    Official Release [Source] C# Externalio Modded
    by clean posted Feb 26, 2019 10.6K views
    An updated version of Externalio by @MultiHackerCounCredits to him for the baseAdditional features;
    CREDITS : 
    Sadulizzten / DarknzNet / Bohemian43[font] [/font]/[font] [/font]baal887.
    • Triggerbot now has an always on or key down option
    • ESP (Currently only draws a dot on their head)
    • Auto Pistol
    • Aimbot has a weapon check now
    • Viewmodel Fov changer
    • No flash
    • Standalone RCS
    • Viewmodel Offset changer
    • Auto strafer
    • Basic skinchanger that sometimes work and sometimes not, might be something with force update or something

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    • www.unknowncheats.me
    • www.unknowncheats.me
    • www.unknowncheats.me
    • www.unknowncheats.me
    • www.unknowncheats.me
    • anonfile.com

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    People kept abusively adding me on discord and I got sick from it so I removed it.
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    cheers brotherman
    All i do is count racks (AYE), spend five thousand on a dak (GAY)
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    ty for release
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    nice bro i love it
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    woah nice ome
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    cheers brotherman
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