FINEWARE.CC | Scam-Project | DLL/Source Self-Leak & Loader EXE Leak
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    Official Release FINEWARE.CC | Scam-Project | DLL/Source Self-Leak & Loader EXE Leak
    by XenoXX posted last month 19.3K views
    Ah shit here we go again with opaihook right?

    The scam project that i've been. I was there admin. Actually i pasted the cheat and he made a loader that "no one will crack". Imagine like saying no one will crack at the same time it only disables task manager and process hacker. I bet if UC cracked Onetap they can EASILY - like for 5 seconds crack this useless shit. Seriously, this guy is a TOTAL joke. He's probably gonna brag about that i send you guys, fake loader/rat/keylogger/stealer/winlocker (imagine winlocker in 2019) - like all the cheat paster--.. devs.

    So he's kicked me like from his server for reason "spamming ping" and i was NOT. I just said "can i pingspoof" as a joke lmao.
    Like then he said that I'm SPAMMING even though I'm keeping his shitty server alive and his cheat/loader. Even though he's not gave me source of the loader sadly.
    But not today.

    So how did i got the DLL of this cheat?
    Easy, I pasted it. As i said. Well i was involved in this scam-project. But i decided fuck it and he kicked me, so yeah.

    It's pretty decent at HvH, but you can like download opaihook from github and just paste it and change some things.

    Someone please crack the loader, if you cracked it, give me your Discord name and hashtag.
    I will put here the source of this loader and put your Discord name & name on
    (if well i can't do that here, just post thread about it smh)

    original source - menu showcase

    vt dll
    vt exe
    dll + loader

    Loader i think is not working, because it's asking for update...
    So if anyone manages to crack that shit. I would be glad.
    Also sorry for my English, my native language not English.

    I didn't change anything too much, just added resolver option in source and changed menu names etc.

    [Image: JEYoOfo.png]
    [Image: KkcI9Fx.png]
    [Image: XCKynfR.png]

    My banned account with admin on fineware forum:

    My backup account on fineware forum without admin:

    --> Their shitty forum <--

    Owner's lil dick Discord: FINE[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]#9574
    My Discord: [/color]Fozzerik#1943

    Who wants a screenshots of our conversations, add me on Discord.

    (please admins of publish this thread because it's very important to me and i hope i didn't break any rules)
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    oh ok ok i see it
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    Wow thats sick thanks mate
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    Wow thats sick thanks mate
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    lets get that cracked cheat clout amirite
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    Yeyeyye you have a point
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    Damn son this is good leak but good job :D
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    Thanks mateeeeeeeeeee
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    I just want the loader xD
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