B0ruK's internal csgo legit cheat garbage collection [18+]
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    Official Release B0ruK's internal csgo legit cheat garbage collection [18+]
    by B0ruK posted last month 10K views

    some of this stuff is kinda old.. all of this trash is fullfixed and undetected(at time i posted) except tgf paste (old vmt)

    this trash collection includes:

    -old af legit tgf paste 
    -trash gladiator legit cheat
    -trash moneon paste
    -aristois with supremacy menu

    i could list changes ive done to trash listed above but im 2 lazy
    compile it and see for yourself what has changed...

    *note for retards* -menu key is "end" for most of those pastes bcuz thats how i like it-

    ----csgo updated and broke most of this trash to fix them usually all u have to do is change

    getweaponinfo from 454 to 455 and isplayer to 156
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    massasshook is looking sex
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    very obrigadex bro
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    thanks a lot
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    good collection lmfao. also that readme made me cum
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    Aight thanks brudda
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    Something to work on later
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    [Image: drakeyes.png] ‌ [Image: drakeyes.png]
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