GameSense or 1TAP?
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    GameSense or 1TAP?
    by Revoke posted Mar 22, 2019 1.7K views

    Which do you prefer at this time and why?

    ive always had the impression that gamesense is better..
    better resolver and AA in gamesense 
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    gamesense, onetap is poopoo
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    To be honest, gamesense will always be better; however, recently I've felt as if Gamesense's resolver has been a bit worse off than aimware's resolver, but I have to say Gamesense's AA's are amazing whenever compared to any other cheat. If we're comparing Gamesense to onetap there is no comparison.
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    Gamesense because you can flex
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    i think gamesence>all
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    gamesense - if you dont have an invite right now

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    gamesense its better
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    gamesense for private, aimware for public
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    onetap is better atm i think, got banned a while back though...
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