Crackе Database Leaked - 321k
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    Crackе Database Leaked - 321k
    by Motify posted Aug 9, 2019 6.9K views

    [Image: Crackedto.png]

    Another MyBB cracking forum has been breached recently. Sad to see that their owner(s) are too lazy to do such a simple thing as updating their forum and plugins. (EDIT) They said that this is a backup from some owner's old friend, I still personally don't think this is true. I hope they have learnt from their mistakes. The database was dumped on 21th July 2019 which affected over 321k users. Passwords are stored in bcrypt so you'll have good time cracking them. (original leak at RF)
    Have a great day, and don't be a leecher!

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    Let me see, thanks!
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    awesome bro
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    Let see this...thank you.
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    Good work out there.
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    I want to see if my username and password is on there vouch.
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    thanks for this
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    Great job, thanks a lot!
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    Thanks for sharing this
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    Thank you very much for sharing!
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